Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter & Spring Sewing

Spring has spung at our little home!! Our yard is full of colorful blooms, and I am so happy about it! Azalea's in shades of pink and white, petunias in purple, white & bold pink, a sweet little "snoowball" bush, purple Iris, clumps of Lamb's ear, and a newly discovered fig tree! I love sitting out under the trees in the evening, watching the colors in the sun! The yard is full of Dogwood trees that bloomed a few weeks ago leaving their white petals behind for vibrant green leaves wich seem to give the best shade.

We had the whole family over for our Easter celebration. Lots of food and friends to enjoy the day with. It was a beautiful day in the 70's, sunny and a little breeze. The girls enojyed at tea party in the yard before the egg hunt. (I'm the best aunt who gives them real tea cups and silver tea kettles to play with).

May & I enjoyng the sun!!

The latest project for myself, a silk sewing apron. The silk is yello & white plaid taffeta. This apron is fairly small with 2 pockets in white, fringed in yellow and gauged to a cord waistband. I can't wait to have an event nice enought to wear it to and show it off.

My dear sweeties Easter gifts! Two taffeta cravats. The grey silk has been in the closet for over a year waiting to be turned into a cravat, the plaid I picked up at the same time I bought by apron silk (this plaid was a steal!). I wish they had enough for a dress length, but the remnant table was not so giving. I plan on making myself a little bow from the same plaid silk!

Im am currently finshing an 1812 Hunting Frock and starting work on a Yellow Stripe Silk Vest. So its a man's world for me until I get these items done. Then I am working on my own Regency Stays & and new 19th Century Purple Plaid Day Dress!

Happy Sewing!!

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