Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Recent Events

We spent the last weekend of April in the lovely little town of Plymouth, NC, enjoying the breezy weather and some good cannon fire!  I wore my ever-faithful green cotton dress, with bonnet. But I was sporting a new accessory! I finally got my brooch made!!! You can see it in the picture, a gold filled frame contains a lovely curl from my dear husbands hair! It was  a good conversation peice, and I look foward to wearing it in the futer to many events!
Seen here with good friend Corey O!

My sewing plans have not been going as planned. I have had a few upsets that have caused set-back in the sewing progress. I have started my Regency short stays, well, sort-of. The first mockup was way too big! So down 2 sizes I went, but have not assembled that mock-up yet. However I did get some lovely light-green fustion for $2/yard!!! Yes, I did buy the whole bolt. I am thinking about making a dress and matching pelessie, or just a dress with some very nice trim!
Also on the Regency list is my purple "work" dress & linen apron. Both of which will not get done until stays are completed as well as DH's hunting frock.

All of this goes along with the new job!!! Yes, NEW JOB!!!  I am happy to say that I am the Programs Corrdinator at Bentonville Battlefield! I am so happy to recieve the job!

So, as busy as I am,
Happy Sewing!!

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