Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Sewing Room- Slow Progress

So its slowly taking shape! I have always wanted a little room that I could keep all of my sewing items contained in and when we moved I was able to get just that! The little room has 3 doors; one to the laundry room, one to the hallway (rest of the house) and one to the master bedroom. It does feel like a central part of the house, which I like. I have managed to get most of the boxes unpacked, including books, and sorting through some fabrics.
The room is stocked and almost ready. It currently has my Great Grandmothers Singer Sewing Machibe ( Lovingly referred to as 'Bealuah') and my 1920's Haid & Neu Treadle (Bertha) and my smaller mobile Kenmore Machine (Josephine) There are shelves for notions and books, and the pictures that I love hang on the wall in front of one of the machines. The room has its very own closet too!! Its kinda small (saying that I laught because its about the size of the closet in our bedroom at the Apartment). It holds my fabric bins, and is perfect for my dresses and period clothing.
My dress form is not set up yet, maybe by the end of the week everything will be in place. Its a cheerful place, pink and green!!! Even with the cutest curtain rod (it has buttons on it!) and green curtain to act as a door between the sewing and laundry rooms!
Pictures to come soon when everything is more organized!!

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