Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Fun Weekend

This past weekend was the first time I had camped at an event since March! What a trip! It took me almost a full week to prepare for it (not inlcuding the 9 loaves of bread). It was a great weekend! We had an iffy weather forcast, full of rain! Luckily the rain held out, only a few showers on Friday after we set up. The clouds did hang around all day Saturday with a constant threat of rain, but no drops fell! We spent the weekend cooking for the guys! It was so much fun to get the hands dirty again! I enjoy cooking for the large crowd in a big pot and connecting to the public through a campfire, such a cool way to interpret.

This was the first event that the CCLHA fielded the 1st NC Volunteers and they looked great!!

Still recovering from the weekend! But it was a blast! I really love that the cooler weather is starting to set in!!

Happy Sewing!!!

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