Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Another New Era- Could it be?

Yes, another era has caught my eye, 1940's! I have been looking for a while for some good 1940's patterns to sew up, but never really found anything. A friend of mine has asked if we would join her for their Verterans Day parade, and I told her I would see what I could do as far as 1940's went. Well, thanks to JoAnns 99cents sale on Simplicity patterns! Being a "bigger' person the original 1940s patterns would have to be sized up for me (not something I look foward to). Luckily Simplicity has released some of their Original 1940s patterns in bigger sizes!! Oh I was a happy girl and now I am seraching for the perfect fabric, and accessories of coarse!!

Still not sure which one I will do first. Although, I really like the suit for the 3688 pattern. However, the jacket on the 4044 looks so much easier!! And I could play around with colors for the seperate peices, so many decisions!!

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