Saturday, July 17, 2010

Not Much Has Been Done

My plans of a sewing-filled summer have been cut short. This summer has brought a slow start, and is almost coming to a close. My grandma just suffered a severe stroke 4 weeks ago and we are blessed to have her home so soon! She improves everyday and her spirits are high, she keeps saying "I'm gonna do it!" I believe that she will!

This past weekend I was able to take a break and have some fun. I went to Bentonville's 2nd Saturday and demonstarted quilting, showing some of the various types of quilts and ways of quilting. It was a fun day, though hot, I felt like it was success. I have got to where I enjoy the slow, fun, single day events so much. Most of the time these events bring the crowds that are really interested in the history of the period and not just the "big guns" and the uniforms. I did have many interesting questions and inquiries this past Saturday, all of which I did enjoy.

I usually miss the not doing events in the summer months, but I can catch up on some things. I still haven't done much sewing this summer. Between the family issues, wedding plans, and work there really hasn't been much time. I do have bag full of fabric just waiting to become...something! Maybe after I clear out all of my clutter and get organized some projects can be accomplished!
Until then.
Happy Sewing!

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