Tuesday, June 22, 2010

More Projects

So after my shopping trip to Joanns I now have 2 more plaids to come up with ideas for!

I went to Stormi's today to search her resources and get inspiration, and I did a little bit. I found some good pictures to get an idea of what I want to do. The blue plaid will become some sort of outerweart, maybe a spring mantle! The Black/Red plaid will become a 1840s-1850s dress, seeking the V&A for inspiration may have found a good candidate :)
Also found to do the ESC Girls Patterns for my neices to get som goodies, I have fabric for them, just need to make the items! And Taylor also got something out of the deal! Some pretty gray silk for a cravat and some mens patterns! Drawers and a wool overshirt on now on the list for him! Since winter is coming ( I know its 100+ now, but it will be here soon!!) I thought the overshirt would be a good idea to get done! Hopefully these will get done semi-soon. I have an idea for what wool I am going to use for the overshirt. The pattern looks easy enough, so it should go together fairly quickly.

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