Tuesday, June 15, 2010

$1 pretty!

Ok, Ive done it again! It never fails, I always scour the red tag rack at Joanns for a good deal! I have got some good deals there before, both lengths of cotton lawn have been found there for around 1-2 dollars a yard, with always just enough for a good dress :). So tonight I stopped by to pick up some stuff for my mom, and I noticed the 50% off tag on the rack, and against my better judgement I walked over, and sure enough, I found some fabric! A pretty pink and brown small square homespun!! It was $2, which translates to $1!!!! I checked to see how much was there, almost 8 yards so to the cutting table I went! Yep, there it was over 7 and a half yards!!! I got it all! So now I have to plan for another dress, I'm thinking late 1850s/ early 1860s, I'll have to search some sources to get some good ideas! Until then, here is a picture of the pretty fabric.

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