Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sewing Frenzy

As I'm preparing for the biggest event in the state, 145 Bentonville, I have been in a sewing frenzy. My list keeps getting longer and longer, but with good intentions I doubt it will all get done before the 19.

I have made progress on my new dress! A friend of mine helped drape a new bodice for my new corset, you can read all about it and enjoy pictures of the adventure at http://whynotthen.com/Blog/How-to-Drape-a-Bodice-in-119-easy-steps. The lining and fabric bodice are cut out. The skirt panels are cut and stitched with hem tape and facing attached!! Also, the sleeves are drafted, cut and sewn. I actually drafted these sleeves all by myself! This is the second sleeve that I have drafted, and I like the process, though this time I went through 3 drafts before I got to this.
I also started making a belt to wear with this dress, well ay dress really, but this dress in particular. It is a bright pinkish velvet ribbon with a faux 2 piece buckel of gold filligree squares, a picture to come later when it is complete!
More updates coming!!

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