Monday, March 15, 2010

Dress Complete

I have competed the green day dress! This dress was totally different from any of the cotton dresses that I have done before! I pleated the fabric rather than gathering it. I did a nice coat sleeve with trim. The skirt seems so full to me since I'm used to wearing my work dress so often. This skirt is 4 panels of 45" fabric, bringing the total to about 180"! Plus I heavy starched both of my pettis over my cage, and I can't get over how full the skirt looks, but I like it! :)
Better pictures of the dress coming...

I also added decorative buttons on the bodice, the same buttons are on my wrapper, but I like them. I also made a bustle from the Work womand Guide ( I always have issues while measuring in nails, so it turned out a little odd, but still does the job.

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