Monday, March 22, 2010

145 Bentonville

What a weekend!! We had been preparing for this event since October, and now it has come and gone. The weekend was amazing! There were about 3500 reenactors, and 40,000 spectators. This was my first "mega event", and it was just that- mega.
I have to admit, I did get a little emotional on Sunday. I stood there and watched as the thousands of soldiers walked off of the inspection field on their way to the battle field, it was quite a moment to see that many men "prepare for war". Knowing that 145 years ago the day men lost their lives in a field, the emotions of the Civil War still run deep here in the South, I felt them this weekend.
On a happier note, the LBS hosted the Saturday evening dance without flaw. Lemonade and 3 kinds of cookies were handed out the guests at the dance as the Huckleberry Brothers played the night away. It was something that I had stressed over for some time, but I could not have felt better about it when the night was over.
Pictures to come of the wonderful weekend at Bentonville!

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