Monday, January 18, 2010

Fort Fisher

This weekend we went to and participated in the 145th Anniversary of the Battle of Fort Fisher. The weekend was a nice one, until late Saturday night when it started to rain, and kept raining until about 8 Sunday morning. Luckily, we stayed dry!! The tents did not leak, except for a drip where a hat was touching the wall, but other than that everything else was dry.

Saturday was very nice, I still do not think that the temperature got as high as they had predicted, but the sun was still shining. I finished the second peice of my Godeys scarf and started on the last peice, though I only got about 2" of it knitted. The battle scenario was one of the best I had seen in a while since both sides were able to fight on the original mounds of the fort. Saturday evening I helped with the night tour. I was Daisy Lamb, wife of Fort Fisher Commander Col. William Lamb. I read a letter that she had penned to her parents in Rhode Island between the two attacks on the Fort, her words were very moving. After the tour the site provided us with an excellent dinner. There was chicken, barbeque, potatoes, rice, mac& cheese, green beans, corn, rolls, salad, and banana pudding, and some of the best tea!

Since it had rained so much during the night, Sunday's events were cancelled. We packed up and spent the day with good friends before heading home.
Taylor and I at Fort Fisher, I was able to wear my new apron and bow!

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