Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Corset Chronicals- Pt. 1

So, I bought the Simplicity 2890 corset pattern by Kay Gnagney ( some time ago. I have been pushing this project off so that I had time to really focus on it. So, now that I am in my final undergrad semester taking 23 credit hours I have decided to tackle it!! yeah..I know, please don't say it.
Progress made so far- pattern and mock-up pieces cut out and marked. Just need to sew them all together now.
I was able to find some nice sturdy cotton twill fabric in my stash, so I dont need to buy fabric, I also have some cotton twill tape for the binding. I am going to used the busk out of my current corset, which will save me about $20. All I need to get is a new lace, and the boning. I am going to wait to purchase to boning until after my mock-up is made so that I will know what lengths to get as well as how many, because I have a feeling that I am going to add more boning than the pattern calls for.
Pictures to come :)

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