Friday, January 8, 2010


I am very glad to announce the I have completed two of my new projects. The wool petticoat and the plaid pinner apron.

The petticoat is yoked at the top in tan and dark blue plaid cotton. The wool is sewn onto the cotton, then the cotton is gauged into a waistband that closes with two buttons. The bottom of the petticoat has one 2" tuck in it since it was a bit too long. I had hoped to put two tucks in it, but that was alot of sewing that I did not feel like doing at the time, but maybe I will split the one tuck into two later on.
My other completed project is my plaid pinner apron. The pinner apron is something that I have been wanting for a while since the very first one I made was not right since it was made out of a solid color cotton. This apron is made from some lovely plaid that I picked up on sale. I still have a nice size scrap piece left that I am not sure what I am going to do with.

The apron is a normal 90" skirt gauged into a waistband, hemmed with two pockets for storing handy items while at reenactments. The top of the pockets have some bias cut trim on them. The bib is hemmed on all four sides and gathered at the bottom into the waistband. The top of the bib also has some bias trim on it! The bib will be held up with straight pins. The waistband ties close with a button and buttonhole. I find that the button closure looks so much more elegang that the "ties" that most aprons have, but either closure is period!
Bias trim on the bib>>>>>>>

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