Monday, December 28, 2009

New Projects

With a new year just around the corner I have much to do! I have started on 2 new projects for this upcoming season.
One is a nice warm petticoat to go over my cage. It is an olive brown color wool with a cotton yoke at the top to reduce bulk. The petticoat still needs to be gauged into the waistband and a button and button hole added for closeure. I need to double check the length of it right now to make sure it is not too long to wear with my dresses. The original plan was to have it tucked at the bottom, so if it is too long I will put at least one tuck in it to be both functional and decorative :) This one will hopefully double as a layer of warmth and as a wool work petticoat if I need it.
Another project is a new pinner apron that I have been wanting for a while. The first pinner I made was not right, so I wanted a new one in plaid this time. I found the perfect fabric 50% off of its redtag price at Joanns and got all that was left (2 2/3 yards) Just enough to make my apron! It wasn't until I got home that I realized it was 55" wide which meant I had more than enough. With the extra fabric I am going to do some bias trim on the pockets and at the top of the bib. I have finished the skirt of the apron, now I need to do the waistband and bib. I think I am going to make the ties of this one button instead of tie.

I was able to get another great find at a wonderful price at the Joanns sale- a 8 1/4 yards dress length of green cotton print :) I wanted a dress length for a good cotton day dress I could wear over my cage (other than the yellow & blue plaid lawn I have now). The fabric is gorgeous! I have already started planning the dress!

I still haven't started my new corset mockup, but I have been looking for the supplies needed for the corest. I will probably pull the pattern out and start cutting the paper in the next day or two to get started on it.

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