Friday, January 6, 2012

Looking Back at 2011

Looking back at 2011 brings lots of happy memories. There was lots of change this year, for the good I must say.

146th Bentonville Living History. I love that now I can get paid to do what I love most, dress up in funny clothes :). This is one of my favorites from the year, and probly throughout my living history. Two of my favorite people join me as we watch local Johnston County men volunteer for service shorly after Secession.
Getting Married brings lots of events before the actual wedding. I had 3 Bridal showers before we said "I Do" in June. My beautiful neices here with me were my flower girls and ring attendant, and I would not have had it any other way!!

FINALLY!!! My very most favorite moment of 2010!!! We said yes to each other for the rest of our lives on June 11, and despite the miserable heat and the almost lack of air conditioner in the church, it was the best day ever!!!

We ventured to Virginia for our honeymoon! We took a detour through Richmond to stop by the Museum of the Confederacy, which I had never been to. Here we are in front of "The Last Metting", and I never thought it would be that big!!

Williamsburg!! We loved our week long stay in the historic town! We stayed in one of the Colonial Houses (Moody Kithchen). The week could not have been better, the weather was perfect, not too hot, but warm enough to enjoy the whole week, and only one day of slight rain! Here we are on the carrige ride!

My great friend, got us into another time period. Playing Whist at the Raleigh City Musuem, dancing and general nonsense was the agenda for the day. But this one evnt has now lead to us diving into the Regency!

Again in Raleigh! The day began with us talking about men going to war and Raleigh's role during the Civil War. After we had educated the public and delighted ourselves with some parlor games, we ventrued across the Capitol Green to the State History Museum, and as you can tell had a little bit of fun with the new exhibit!

September! The slightly cooler brought fall reenactments to fill our weekends. At Averasboro our Ladies Society fed the men for the weekend, and believe me they did not go hungry! We cooked bountiful breakfast both mornings and stew for lucnchs. They also feasted on 9 loaves of bread with fresh butter and an entire batch of Applesauce cookies, in addition to the hot meals.

Wedding bells again!! This time for my cousin, who had been a bridesmaid at my wedding. I was so happy to stand beside her as her matron of honor on her wedding day!! We have been through so much together, and who would have ever known that we would have gotten married in the same year.

Now we come to a close in 2011, my love and I celebrated our first married Christmas together, and it was a memory that will stay with me forever. We did lots of running around to the various family functions, but did manage to squeeze some us time into the schedule.

As we go through 2012 I can't wait to see what new memories are to be made!

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