Saturday, January 7, 2012


Im sewing a bonnet! Not a pretty-pretty decked in flowers and feather bonnet, with silk ties to my knees. NO! Instead a simple orange/white homespun slat bonnet. Going back over my wardrobe and getting ready for an event in October (yes, October!) I noticed that my basics need some work! I need to make some new underpinnings this year, like I said last year, the only that got done was one new pair of drawers. So at almost midnight I cut out this pretty plaid fabric using a pattern I had from a friend that was drafted off a North Carolina original, by one of her friends. Any way, I lengthened the curtain just a few inches. I did want this one to be a true working class bonnet. It's the little accessories that make your impression a one of kind well rounded one!

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