Saturday, July 23, 2011

Random Musings

In order to get my thoughts in order, which will, never happen I do make lists. Here is a list of random musings for my own mind, and for you enjoyment.

  1. Finish Husbands 1860's shirt

  2. Make me new underpinnings

  3. Start new 1860s dress

  4. Make Blue Plaid Mantle for me with "matching" linene vest for Husband

  5. Buy cool socks from

  6. Learn to make a new recipie (I've been doing pretty good at this)

  7. Unpack all of my clothes

  8. Organize sewing room

  9. Buy new camera

  10. Purge reenacting stuff of anything quesionable

  11. Start wedding scrapbook

Thats a small list of things that I really need to get accomplished, now to actually do them would be a plus!

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