Saturday, May 8, 2010

Many preceed and many will follow

I graduated today. UNCP class of 2010, BA in American Studies. Over 600 students, 3 hours in the sun, 1 black folder. I still do not know how to feel, happy, excited, nervous, accomplished. It is still a little surreal, that little black folder sitting there, empty. The degree will be mailed in July, then I think it will hit that it really happened. Or in August when I am not taking classes and reading everynight to do book reviews. I thought about it today, the past 4 years have seem so long, but looking back it seems like I just left high school. Ok, I know I'm getting sentimental, but think about it. All of the classes and reading and writing and tests for a black folder. It was all worth it. I am the first person to graduate college in my family and they could not be happier about this moment, and here I am with mixed feelings. It's over, now it's the real world. I am so blessed to have had the support that I have over the past four years. My wonderful family that was there for me, my boyfriend, now finace Taylor telling me to go for my PhD., my AA advisor D. Johnson for convincing me to keep going, and my BA adviser R. Anderson for telling me that I was crazy for taking 9 classes my last semester. To all of you, THANK YOU! I know that I could not have taken those steps today without any of you.

Me and Dr. Anderson

Me and Mom and Dad

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