Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Corset Chronicals- Pt. 7 and some other projects

This is the final stage, the one that I call completion! I finished the corset tonight and wore it around the house to make sure that everything is ok with it. I am going to add some decorative lace at the top, but for now the corset is done! And it fits pretty well. I must say that I surprised myself with it. *Pictures to come* It is the most in depth project I have had to do yet.

While waiting for the boning to come in, I did some other sewing that needed to be done. I finally put the pockets on my wrapper. I also added a front panel to keep my pettis/nightgown from showing. I had planned on making a nice petti and keeping the front of my wrapper open, but that hasn't happened yet.

Here you can see the pocket. I used some leftover brown cotton for the "ruffle" and added some blue soutache braid to the edge before gathering it and attaching it to the back of the pocket. Then I stitched the pocket on. There is one on each side. They are both decorative and functional, I have a feeling that I am going to love them! I want to trim my wrapper some more, I'm just not sure how to.

Next up: Green print cotton day dress and a Brown Stipe Silk dress!! Hopefully both can get done before March 19, but the silk is taking priority, though I think the cotton will get done first. This will be my first dive into silk!!
Godey's- March 1861.
I am using the sleeves on the striped green dress here for inspiratoin for my silk dress! I found this and just loved how the stripes are played with on the sleeves. Soon I will start this next project, after the event at Fort Anderson this weekend that is!

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