Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Summer Was

Well, Summer is over. That horrid, hot, humid season. I am much in love with Fall. The crisp breeze, the colors, the need for tea. This summer was not entirely uneventful; in fact it was full of crazy things. We moved...twice.  My family almost lost my grandfather; but he is a very strong man!!  My family also found out that there will be another baby soon; my brother & his wife are expecting in December ( I will have a nephew!).  I did manage to get to the beach this year, for maybe the first time in years that did not involve me wearing funny clothes :)
Beach Feet

The summer brings a very happy day though, DH and I celebrated our 2nd Anniversary. We went to the NC Zoo this year. 

It was a quiet summer, event wise. Very little to do in the summer, plus with the chaos of moving there was no finding needed items. DH did make it to the 150th Gettysburg, I stayed home, stayed dry & stayed cool.  The summer did have one exciting event, the Festival of Yesteryear held at the Museum of the Cape Fear. It was a day filled with Colonial & Regency activities. That evening there was a Regency Ball! What fun it was! I even made a new dress! 

Assembly at the 1812 Ball. 

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