Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Few Projects

It has been a busy new year! I am excited about all of the things that 2013 has in store!  I have managed to complete a few new projects!
 Meet Louisa! She is a reproduction Jenny Lind. I recieved her as a late Christmas/ Early Valentines gift. She only has one dress for now, but she is equipped with all of the appropriate underpinnings. Look for a more detailed post on her later. 
A new 1860's dress. This wool was part of the sale a while back. I started on the dress in November, and well never finished it. I did however manage to get it done for one of  my  Historical Sew Fortnightly Projects. 
 We have been doing more early 19th Century living histories. With that comes a whole new wardrobe. I made my first cap! It was also my first piece to dive into the 18th Century with. 

Also a first for 2013....SNOW!!! Yes, I was excited, yes, I was at work, but I still ran around like a little kid :) 


  1. Thank you!!! I still haven't worn it, hoping to change that soon :)