Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Recent Read

I stumbled upon "Our Own Snug Fireside: Images of the New England Home 1760-1860" By Jane Nylander at our awesome local used book store- Ed McKays!!  I picked up for like $5 I think ( I really can not tell you how awesome this bookstore is, I never walk out empty handed!)
I was very impressed with the book. Nylander presents her information using first hand sources from diaries, journals, and publications. She does use a variety of men & women to shape a view of the common New England home. Nylander lets us look into the everyday lives of the people that lived between 1760 and 1860. The book looks at common cleaning practices, room set-up, food production & storage, changing seasons, holidays, and much more. In addition to wonderful in-text experts, the margins of the pages are illustrated with engravings and photographs that are captioned to give the reader a look into homes.

It was wonderful read, and I am sure that I will come back to it again & again both for reference and curiosity.

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