Thursday, December 1, 2011

New Kid on the Block- The Singer

Let's start from the Beginning. Last year my mother and I started cleaning my grandmother's house. With all of the changes a sewing machine was found and Papa told mom to take it home since they would not need it. Well, this pretty Singer and cabinet got placed out in the shop with my mom's upholstry things. Well, I got married, and moved, and inherited my Great-Grandmothers Sewing Machine! We rummaged through the drawers which still had many of her things in them, including phone numbers a scraps of paper, address labels, 3 boxes of attachments,thread, and many other random sewing things. The original book to the machine was in there as well! It was a flashback going through all of those little things (most of which are still crammed in the drawers). Now Don't ask me what year it is because I don't know off the top of my head, but I do know that its special. I cleaned it off the other night, got rid of all the dust and dirt accumilation. Scrubbed parts, oild joints. Plugged it in, turned the switch, the little light bulb turned on, and I leaned on the knee press..... SUCCESS!!!! No weird noises or scraping sounds. I was so excited I called my mom right away- she had said that the machine hadn't worked in years.

Now here I am with Beaulah- my new machine. Lovingly named after my Great-Grandma. I hope that it gives me as many happy years sewing as it have her, and maybe someday my Grandaughters will rummage through the drawers and laugh at all of the things that I put in them, from random spools of thread to things not realated to sewing at all.

Happy Sewing!

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