Thursday, August 25, 2011

Civil War in Raleigh

So last week you had a sneek peek at the new dress for this program. Well the dress never did get finished, but I sure did wear it! It had no closure on the front other than a line of straight pins, hehe. Yes, I am a big procrastinator, oh well. So, the day was filled with laughs from friends, mostly as a result from the conversation cards. Responses such as "In the garden" still spark snickers from the group. Here Lora and I pass the cards after an assuradly amusing answer.

After we educated the public on period games, sewing, social skills, and even military equipment we scurried over to the State history museum to see the new exhibit that features a timeline of NC history, beginning in pre-history era with the Native populations. The exhibit is not finished and only runs through about 1830 now, but it was still entertaining to us. The ladies ran around posing with the various exhibits to form some tableaux that would be a little less than authentic. So, I leave you with Lora, Amanda, Stormi, and....the cow...

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