Thursday, July 7, 2011

A New Era

So thanks to my dear friend over at, I have begun a new era, yes the Regency Period has caught my eye, or at least my needle for a while. Preparing for the event Fires, Fads & Fun at the Raleigh City Museum has had me busy the past week. Making an entire wardrobe for 2 people is tough, especially in a limited amount of time, but I seem to work well under pressure. For me, the underpinnings are done, except the stay, which I am kind of dreading. The dress is still lacking inspiration, so it may look very plain, but accessories do make a difference! I am finding that I may like the lack of clothing, hehe. As you may know I mostly enjoy Mid-19th century clothing, which required multiple layers to get the shape and look, however, with early 1800s there are few garments, shift, stays, petti, dress....which does bring me to wonder- Where is the rest of it?!? The 180ss saw the rise and fall of the size of skirt width, but here its almost an entire lack of clothing. I am excited however to find myself in a different era. The shoes, oh the shoes!! I have ordered a pair of pointed-toe black flats that will be adored with a silk bow! Now, enough of talking about it I must get sewing.

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