Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Weekend Plans

Since I am going to have some free time this weekend, and I have a lovely 12 yard bolt of muslin sitting in my room I have plans to make bunches of little underthings. Now that I have 2 gorgeous nieces they need underthings! Kay has grew so much since last season that she needs new ones and her growth tucks taken out of her dress. She also needs new drawers, and Im going to make her a good petti-chemise! Maddie needs everything! But I think I will have fun making them! Little dress, pettis, drawers, all of it!!

I also got a new toy tonight! Taylor and I have made good friends with one of our local antique shop owners and from time to time Taylor helps her out in the store and he gets paid in goodies :) Well tonights goody was a gift for me! I am now the owner of a wonderful Singer!!! Im not sure the year, but it does have shuttle bobbins! I will post pics once I pick it up and clean it. I will have to search the model number to get the year as well!

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