Sunday, February 7, 2010

Corset Chronicals- Pt. 4

Ok, second mockup is done, and its been fixed!! I made the gussets way too big for the second mockup, but this gave me room to "pinch-up" the extra room. After taking in the extra, I stitched it in place and tried again, this time much better!! I also added another hip gusset in the back for a bit more hip flare. I am doing this mock up without much boning, except for in the back with the lacing, and sticking a few peices in the front. I am ordering the rest of the boning this week. I have the busk already, Im going to use my old laceing until I can get a new one thats all cotton, and I bought eyelets for the back.
Another thing that I am going to do on this corset that the pattern does not call for is a "staytape". It is inserted at the waist of the corset to keep it from stretching and helps keep the corset at the waist, for this I am going to use someof the cotton twill tape that is also going to be used for the binding at the top and bottom of the corset.
Now- to cut the fabric and get started on a final product :)

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